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kitchen-product-reviewsHey, my name is Dorian and I love to test and review products. I buy new products from Amazon all the time and write about my experiences on this blog.

I focus mainly on kitchen and dining products, but also review products in a wide variety of categories, including bathroom supplies, camping gear, children’s toys, baby toys and clothes, auto parts, and more.

My Favorite Kinds Of Products

infuser-water-recipesI love products that make it easier to live a healthy life. For example, the infuser water bottle by Sharp Infuser is one of my favorites. It’s a great detox bottle that helps you drink more water, by making it super delicious. You blend your favorite fruits and herbs with water and make drinking water super fun.

I also love products that make something you use everyday much more enjoyable. For example, the manual coffee grinder by Clara’s Coffee makes grinding coffee beans so easy. It also makes my coffee taste so much better! The ceramic burr lasts a lifetime and grinds consistently.

clarita-home-lego-moldsAnd of course, I also love products that make your kids have fun! Such as the silicone candy molds made by Clarita Home. These silicone moulds are shaped like classic LEGOs. So making lego bricks and figurines made out of chocolate, ice, candy, soap, candles, crayons or anything you can imagine will give your kids a really fun day!

Stay Tuned For Reviews

Follow my blog for awesome product reviews. If you want me to review something specific, send me an email. I love to test new things all the time so I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually.

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